Orange County, The Worst Place To Get Arrested For DUI

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According to official statistics, Orange County is one of the areas with high rates of car crashes that involve drinking drivers.

Although the government spends huge amounts of money on police patrols and prevention checkpoints, these numbers remain high, the reason being the influx of tourists and the beach bars serving them drinks during summer months.

The biggest number of alcohol-triggered crashes has been recorded in Newport Beach and Orange among all California cities. Fullerton and Laguna Hills are leaders in the number of crashes involving underage drivers under influence.

All these statistics have been compiled and published by the state’s Office of Traffic Safety, and they include only crashes that involved at least one individual being injured or killed. They all have in common the fact that a driver has been drinking, even in the case, the driver was underage. Even one single drink was enough to include the case in the statistics.

Image result for DUI attorneysPolice representatives in Santa Ana declare they are aware of this problem, without being able to identify the possible causes of this type of behavior that appears to be frequent among people in California’s biggest cities.

Even smaller cities in Orange County have recorded relatively high rates of car crashes involving alcohol, Newport Beach being among the worst. Costa Mesa ranked 4th, and Huntington Beach, ranked 5th, are also pretty bad, as well as Orange.

Huntington Beach has seen a small improvement from the previous year when it broke all records in the state among cities its size. According to a Huntington Beach police captain, this city has seen one of the highest drunk-driving arrest rates in the state for its size.

When it comes to crashes that involved underage drinkers, Orange County cities aren’t any better. Laguna Hills leads the top, followed by Fullerton, which is the worst of all mid-sized cities in the state, the next places belonging to Buena Park and Anaheim. All these cities are pretty bad, the worst of all being the fact that nobody knows the exact causes of these numbers. This makes prevention a difficult job.

According to a spokesman for the Office of Traffic Safety, the causes of this behavior haven’t been identified so far. Beach cities see a huge flow of tourists, they have more bars, and they are more prone to recording more accidents that involve underage drinkers. Resisting temptations can be difficult in such circumstances when everyone wants to party like crazy. College towns have a younger population, and this could be a possible explanation for the high rates of underage drinking accidents.

Fullerton hosts about 60,000 college students. It boasts about 50 bars and restaurants licensed to offer alcohol to their clients. This combination may lead to an increase of the underage drinking drivers numbers. Local police representatives hope that the state will offer them some money to target these young people with warning messages. Such actions may help local police reduce the number of crashes involving DUI.

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There’s also a small college in Orange, but a police spokesman said further research is needed before making the assumption that the number of students is the culprit for the high rate of alcohol-involved car crashes.

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